Our video boot camp training program is the most economical learning solution. It focuses on underprivileged people who can’t afford to sign up for our regular boot camp or 1:1 coaching.

What is the definition of underprivileged?
People who earn less than Rs 20,000 a month, but still are passionate about the program, are considered unprivileged. These people deserve to get subscription in USD 100.

How to prove that you are underprivileged?
You will go through a verification process in which you will submit your Bank Statement, Pay Slip, Employer’s Reference Letter and a credible Reference Letter from a credible authority to confirm that your income is low and you deserve it. This is only for residence of Pakistan. If you are jobless and you have no income, we need the income proof of your parents.

For those who earn between Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 will pay USD 150

Those earning between Rs 30,000 to Rs 50,000 will pay USD 200

Those earning above Rs 50,000 will pay the full price of USD 360

The verification process may take a week. Anyone caught providing fake reference letter, pay slip or bank statement will be banned from our Facebook Page and Facebook Group for life. It should be clear to all applicants that you need to email us for verification purposes.

What about tools like MW & JS etc.?
You can always get it easily from the other members in our Facebook Group Amazon FBA Pakistan. This Video Boot Camp course doesn’t include access to any tool.

Video BC does not have product approval and does not have ID setup related recorded zoom sessions and won’t have launch through us, as we don’t have the time and manpower for it, so we keep these 3 for the regular Boot Camp only. As the regular BC continues the 8 months journey and for 8 to 12 months they have non-stop engagement with the Extreme Commerce team. Considering 8-12 months of training of regular BC students, it’s physically not possible to incorporate these resource intensive segments into Video Boot Camp.

If you are unprivileged, Email us your 6 Months Bank Statement, Pay Slip, Employer’s Reference Letter etc.

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