Let me start from 2006, when I enrolled in BS-IT and after 3 semesters a family mess up forced me to start work at the age of 19. I started my first website ( a directory for Pakistan ) that quickly got popular as that time directories were doing good than search engines, my income boomed to $1200+ monthly in 3 months after launch , that was a huge amount for me and I was so happy with it.

In 2017 when Daraz came to Pakistan, I thought I can build a good Asset with Daraz and will sell it later, so I opened 3 stores with them , bought mobile accessories stock from China Factory, as started to sale, you will not believe but If we ship 50pcs a day , 30 pcs will return with delivery fail status, there are many other reasons too that forced me to leave daraz , but again I was the person who never had a contact in USA or UK or don’t want to make requests for partnerships the goal was export to USA on website .

In 2017 Nov I just read a news alert in my email related to amazon, as I have set many alerts in Google news related to my interest, this was about the sir Sunny’s visit in late 2017, from that day I started to follow sir Sunny’s schedule and finally got in seminar in July 2018.

Due to some family issues I could not launch in 2018, but continued to absorb group knowledge and BC classes as much as I could and never missed sir Sunny’s any comment and any post. In April 2019 sir chosen me for a very competitive product in kitchen niche as CEO and 50% share as investment.

We launched it and Alhamdulillah with very less bleeding we become profitable, now it’s a 5th month after launch and we have sold almost 9000 pcs, almost all related and major keywords are in top 5, BSR is around 3000 in main category and List is now on right path we will flip it on right time, our second product with Sir Sunny is on its way and hopefully will launch it in late January.

This story will be published in Success stories tag, but I assume it as starter story with completely changed mindset, Goal in 2020 is at least 10 Launches and with your prayers and with the help of EC team, God will bless me a life style that sir have promised me; Time, Money and Location independent.

God Bless you all