For so many years, I have been listening people working and earning millions through online platforms like amazon and ebay and I always used to wonder and search how can a person like me who has no links out of Pakistan (in countries from where amazon can be operated) can work in those platforms , but every time I was left with disappointed until the day I saw a post on Facebook which mentioned a seminar about WORK ON AMAZON FROM PAKISTAN which was going to happen in my city Sialkot . I immediately registered for that event with the hope that my dream can come true after attending this seminar.

In September 2017, that seminar was held in Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and first time I got a chance to listen and meet MR. SUNNY ALI, after that 8- hours long session, I got maximum points cleared and concluded that I can work on amazon from Pakistan but for that I need ID and a lot of knowledge and skills to launch product and be successful. I enrolled myself for Extreme Commerce Boot Camp training program because I knew exactly after attending seminar that instead of jumping blindly in this thing, I need to invest on my knowledge first. The Amazon ID part which was looking most difficult to me, was taken care of with little help from Extreme Commerce, I got my hands on a Partnership Account.

In boot camp, Extreme Commerce team gave us hands on training and provided all the skillful knowledge required for this business. In May 2018, my first product reached FBA, and from that day I kept on asking questions from Sunny Ali bhai and Arslan bhai to help me out and they were answering to my queries even at 3 O’ clock at night sometimes. I am so grateful to them for their dedication and devotion. it was because of their guidance that my product was a successful launch. I started earning well and realized the potential in this business. Now I was planning to setup my own company abroad and launch another brand on my own Amazon ID, same day I seen a post from Sunny bhai about selling Amazon listings. I immediately jumped in and decided to sell my listing which sunny bhai asked me to hold for some more time and sell it in more good price, but I wanted to do as I already planned my next move. I was lucky that Sunny Ali bhai himself decided to buy my listing.

In the end, I just want to thank all team members of Extreme Commerce for their continuous support. And for the other people struggling for success in this business, I will just advise them to have patience and believe in Extreme Commerce.