I was trying to find my way in life back in 2017 and trying to work on different projects. Having gotten a CA qualification, I was working in the schooling business. Everywhere around me, I saw everybody complaining about the deterioration of businesses in Pakistan. I wanted to find a safe business with not a lot of risk involved and more importantly, I wanted to find something that educated people were not afraid to step into.

This search inevitably led me to Amazon. As soon as I found out about the mechanism that Amazon Operates on, It interested me and I underwent a very popular course called “Amazing Selling Machines costing USD 5000 USD”. Shortly after that, I launched my first product. To my dismay, the product did not do as well as I had expected. November of 2017, a common friend told me about Sunny bhai. He knew that I had stepped into Amazon without much that was of course, and he suggested that I at least see what Sunny Ali was all about. I thought hard about what I wanted to do and in January of 2018, I went to Kuala Lampur with this friend to see what Sunny Bhai was all about. What I discovered calmed me to a great extent. In Sunny Ali, I found an extremely cooperative person and a mentor. I felt like this dude could mentor me not only about business but also, LIFE in general. His personality was that of a shining beacon. I don’t think Sunny bhai saw a lot in me, but still he was kind enough to tell me that he launched a new initiative in Pakistan with the name of Extreme Commerce. I was excited that this man was all about spreading his knowledge for the greater good.

At this time, Sunny Bhai told me what mistakes I had made during my first stint and how to rectify them. Now this man that was sitting in front of me was telling me details that a USD 5000 course did not tell me and I had not paid this man anything. This was the level of trust that this man had truly earned and he was to be my mentor. Right away, I became a member of BC. Traveled to Islamabad all the way from Multan for the first seminar. And this was just the beginning. Keep in mind that I was also going through some personal struggles at the time, but I found Sunny Bhai to be the most cooperative person. During this time period, I had launched my first product.

Another thing I want to point out is that unlike many people, I did not have any family abroad to set up an account for me. But Sunny Bhai went out of his way to get it for me. Although the account was closed later because of some issues, but that showed me how selfless Sunny Ali work was. Furthermore, Sunny Bhai told me that he was about to start an extreme commerce office in Multan and wanted to put me in charge of the Multan operation. He partnered with me and made me his CEO in Multan all of which I am utterly thankful for.

During this time period, I was constantly struggling for kitchen money. I knew somewhat about Upwork and during my time with Sunny Bhai, I had come up on enough knowledge that I started an Upwork account and started helping people with Amazon. By the end of June 2018, I was making about a 1000 USD off of Upwork.

To end this long story, I want to tell everybody what Extreme Commerce represents. In essence, it represents standing strong in the face of adversity, the importance of mentorship and the process of learning. Most importantly, EC is about evolution and its importance. That’s what Sunny Bhai is an example of and that’s what we all should strive for. At this time, I make upwards of USD 1500 on Upwork and upwards of USD 3000 off of amazon. But that is not what Im most happy about. In this interaction with this gem of a personality, I have gained the mentality of working hard and more importantly, never giving up on a rainy day because the sun will always shine after the shower.

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