Almost 1.8 years back when I joined Extreme Commerce by Sunny Ali Facebook group, I was a completely different person. My life and interests have changed from hunting shoes and bags to hunting products. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined I would have my own PL on Amazon.

I ll try to make my story short and honest. So one fine day I was just going through FB when I saw someone sharing Sunny Bhai’s video about selling on Amazon and God knows for a moment I thought Sunny bhai was bringing Amazon shopping available in Pakistan so I got excited, this is how naive I was, anyways, so I showed my husband Sunny Bhai’s video about the basics of selling on Amazon and my husband who is also a businessman instantly told me to show him more videos of Sunny bhai so I did.

My husband who was now more enthusiastic about learning Amazon PL but was already very busy because of his own business asked me to join BC instead and start learning right away and from that day there was no turning back. I attended the seminar, met Sunny bhai at the meet-ups and was fully convinced about this business model.

I started as a BC student then upgraded to 1/1. My trainers were extremely patient in teaching me from the very basics of product hunting all the way till launching and ranking. I got my product approved for US in one week after starting BC, then traveled to UK to open a bank account for Amazon ID, by the time I got back, unfortunately my product score had dropped and I had to leave it, I was disappointed as I had worked hard on the sourcing and costing but now Sunny bhai had a better idea for me and that was instead of US, I should launch in UK market, which took another few months to form ID with a limited company but this turned out to be the best decision for me Alhamdullilah.

So finally under the guidance of Sunny bhai and help of amazing EC team, I launched successfully in Oct 2019 in UK and later in Germany. It was a Q4 launch so a little more expensive than usual (but the high sales history has really helped) and of course the inevitable OOS and hijackers making it a not so smooth ride but worth every bit of it!

It’s amazing to see one moment Sunny bhai on TV shows telling about his Billion Dollar dream for Pakistan and the very next moment you get a message on 111 group from Sunny bhai to drop your price as the competitors have dropped theirs as well. The support is just extraordinary!

Now my day starts with checking how many sales I got the night before, my kids feel their mum has a cool job now and my workaholic husband who used to leave for his factory early morning often stays back to work with me for our next launch and people who know my husband very well know Harris leaving late for work is a BIG DEAL!

EC has become an important part of our lives now. Thank you to all the amazing people who have been an important part of this journey. Sunny bhai and EC team your dedication is commendable 👏