I have done Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering and belong to a small city in KPK called Haripur. After my graduation, I struggled to find a job in Pakistan and then decided to move to Dubai for better opportunities. I worked for 4 Companies in Dubai; Egate Network Solutions, Emirates NBD, Du Telecom & Dubai Ports World (Govt Sector).

My first job started at 3,500 AED and my last job was in Govt Sector and I was earning 17,000 AED. My Company was giving me Back & Forth Air tickles including my family & medical services as well. But I realized that I wasn’t saving anything from these jobs. Even after working in Govt. Sector, fear of loosing job was always there.

Then one of my friends told me that he wants to apply for Australian PR, and he is preparing for IELTS, I picked up his idea, I did IELTS got 7.5 in first attempt and then PR process started and finally, I landed in Australia (2018 July). I had one thing in my mind that I will do some business here. I will not be relying on jobs forever

Then one fine morning, I came across one one Ad which states ‘Start your own business online on Amazon’. That’s when I came to know about Extreme Commerce & Sunny Ali.

I became part of this ecosystem but was still finding it hard to launch a product due to lack of time because of my job as I needed that to survive in Australia. I am true believer of the fact that Extreme Commerce platform got something for everyone. I posted in Facebook Group to find a partner and found one within short time. My original post was that I will be doing 100% investment but Sunny Ali replied on my post that never go for 100%, always do 70/30 or 60/40, which showed me that this person is Loyal to his Audience, and one of the students agreed to go 70/30 with me.

We started this Journey in August and we are making good profit after 4 months of Launching. Our second product launch is expected in Feb 2020 Inshallah.

Thanks to EC team & Sunny Ali & My Partner Okasha Hafeez.