I have started Amazon FBA journey after attending Sunny Bhai’s March, 2018 seminar in Karachi. Soon after attending the event, I joined their 1 to 1 coaching program. After spending sometime, I realized that it can take time to hunt a right product to start and by that time I did not had the ID too, so I decided to get in to the partnership with someone with ID and approved product with the consultation with Sunny Ali, and entered into partnership with another 1-1 student having both i.e; ID and approved product.

Product hunting still proved to be a very challenging phase for both of us. By the time we got samples for our product, the sales patterns started unfavorable. We decided to quit that and started looking an other one, which finally we started to work and ordered in August-18 and the 1st shipment reached to FBA in start of September-18 and started the actual journey of selling on Amazon.

I the meantime, I managed to get ID from Canada with help of a friend and found another Boot Camp student looking for partnership with someone with ID. I contacted that after consultation with Sunny Bhai again and we started working on that product. We have placed first small test order to supplier for only 500 units which reached FBA by end of September-18 and started selling, we successfully ranked the product and went in profitable zone in January-19. We had a little set back when we received utility patent infringement case, but this proved to be another learning phase for us. We successfully negotiate with patent owner and reached an agreement. We have also got the rights from him for the Amazon UK and EU, now preparing to get our UK ID up we will be selling in that region too.

I have also entered in 3rd partnership with an other EC student and that product is also is selling now and is in the ranking phase.

I learnt a lot from all this journey and completely satisfied of the support EC TEAM provides in every phase.

I am thankful to the Sunny Ali and his team who have helped me all through and gave me lots of good friends and especially the partners I am engaged with due to this great platform of Extreme Commerce.