Life is not easy for any of us. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that thing must be attained.

My story was started when my father died and i was just 11 years old. This incident made me mature before time but unable to do anything. In 2013, when I was enrolled in BS, I started my first business at the age of 20. I made a small setup of fast food point to fulfill my expenses and fees. Many friends and students made fun of me but my family circumstances were not allowing me to bother at this. I kept struggling and in 2016 I started to run a hostel business that was so challenging for me.

Finally, I succeeded and started to earn healthy. But the business was seasonal and location and property dependent. I knew that it was not my future. I also just want a business that I can run from anywhere as i love travelling. Anyhow someone told me about Sir Sunny Ali that he is guru of E-commerce and that can help you in this model.

I searched him and started watching videos of sunny Ali. The one thing that inspire me about Sunny bhai is that his passion of knowledge sharing. In December 2018, I came to know about sir Sunny Ali visit in Sialkot so I decided to meet that gem there. I was amazed to see that he was not selling his course but spreading free knowledge.

Sir Sunny Ali was talking about the Time leverage, Money leverage and location independent in business. My heart said this is the right path I was looking for and then I finally joined Extreme Commerce Boot Camp in January 2019. As a student, I was not only learning the art of business but also the art of living, leading and art of selling without selling.

Even after 7 months with multiple product rejections, practice, group searching, video watching, asking questions and lot of pain I was still not getting any income but I remained perseverance and keep going during this 1-year journey. I was also very disturbed due to my previous business and increasing responsibilities as I was going to be father soon.

Finally, the day came when SUCCESS knocked my door.
I was amazed what a strong Eco system. From partner to Investment, from knowledge to mentorship all I got from this eco system. Now I am CEO of Sir Sunny Ali with a successful AMAZON brand having $32,000 per month sales in US. with record profit of $10,000 in last 20 days. Also launched my second Amazon brand in UK in partnership While more UK & Germany partnerships are in pipeline. Beside my own business I also have a company now and providing my services to giant Corporate clients in US, UK and Germany Markets.

Moreover, this platform gave me opportunity as a Virtual assistant Trainer (as I also love teaching). I drop all my previous businesses and invested that in this new Business. My wife, my brothers all are in this business model now and earning good amount. I am totally location independent now. And enjoying the time leverage.

This is all due to this strong platform and the knowledge spread by the great teacher Sunny Ali and his team. God bless you Sir and this platform.

My advice to youth is that please keep moving and remain consistent. Success is not a one-day story you have to prove yourself by hardworking, positivist and consistency.