I am 20 years old. I joined Extreme Commerce facebook group back in 2018. Got excited with amount of knowledge being shared free. Saw, the group creator Sir Sunny Ali responding to everybody in comments and in FB Messenger, it was amazing. I started watching all of his videos; every single video has practical perspective about life and business in general. I learned a lot. Kids of my age have different priorities but after I joined this group, I’ve got life long experience in matter of few months and still learning new things every day, Alhamdolilah.

I started to help and assist fellow members as a token of thanks to the platform and eco-system and God knows when it becomes part of my everyday life. I was sold for Asset Creation idea. I registered my company in the USA as first thing. I set my short term goal to join Extereme Commerce’s 1-1 training. I subscribed to their Video Boot camp. I started going into meetups and brainstormed with like-minded EC Students and Members. In shorter period of time, it becomes like my 2nd family, Alhamdolilah.

One day, a prominent 1-1 student of Extreme Commerce, the down the earth guy, from Lahore, named Imran Khan, contacted me and asked if I am willing to be his workhorse. I mean, look, boys of my age, start dreaming for things in my age, that time I was just 19 years old. I was being offered opportunity to be part of launch, even before joining Extreme Commerce’s Boot Camp, wow. And mind it, it was not small launch, people die to be part of launch with Extreme Commerce. So, my response to Imran Khan was quite predictable, I said, YES, Yes, yes!!!

Long story short, I become part of Launch, did the launch as per instruction and guidance from EC. Whatever I learned in Video Boot Camp, I got chance to implement it. I accept, Alhamdolilah, it was blessing of Allah S.W.T. on me and then trust of Sunny Ali & Imran Khan both. The Launch was Alhamdolilah successful; I tried my level best to meet expectations and proved myself. There are 2 more launches that I’ve to do.

Then, I applied for Extreme Commerce’s Boot Camp, being interviewed and finally accepted. It was completely unique experience among my peers, I don’t know if anybody had journey in reverse order 🙂 I mean, see, usually, people have to first enroll into Boot Camp and then put efforts into finding viable product, then sourcing and finally launch & ranking. But in my case, I’ve first launched and ranked the product and then joined the Boot Camp.

Would you not ask why? Why there is a need of joining Boot Camp now especially when I’ve successfully launched and acknowledged by Sir Sunny Ali himself? The reason is shiny badge of Extreme Commerce Boot Camp. Its one shiny badge. Rather, its not a badge, I think its a seal and mark of being trustworthy, dependable, reliable and talent. Since I joined their Boot Camp, I learned the missing part of puzzle, Product Hunting & Sourcing. I revisit Launch & Ranking. Alhamdolilah, I am no more the one I used to be.

Thank you to the Extreme Commerce platform to play key role in this early age of my professional career. Insha Allah, I will continue to make my family, friends and this platform proud.