We started our journey on amazon about 10 months ago, with the help of EC team via boot camp. Although it was a very tough business, we managed to rank our first product successfully in a very short time period in the mentorship of Sunny Ali.

With this success, we immediately moved to a second product which, however, we faced many issues and obstacles. At one point, the second product was down in so much loss that it started hindering the progress of the first product. Instead of giving up, Sunny Ali helped us not only cross the tough line but transformed both of them into profitable listings.

We would like to add that this boot camp is not just about selling on Amazon, but also Sunny Ali’s method of teaching helps you polish and enhance your personality for the real life. For that, we will continue to respect and work with Sunny Ali and his tireless, energetic team.

Mobeen Ahmad, Saad Mujahid
Islamabad, Pakistan