My interest was never towards the business. I was job oriented guy, but you never know what life plans for you. My journey began back in 2016 when I first heard about sellers account on; the largest online store of Pakistan. This was not easy to work in an e-commerce industry but I tried. I started with a product and later I had more than a dozen products on my account. After a year work load my internet increased in e-commerce business, I wanted to do something big. My interest brought me to the world’s largest online marketplace AMAZON. This was very big for me and to start working on it was not easy task to do.

I made my first account on Amazon. The work space protocols and rules at Amazon were very different from a local online store and I was completely unaware with the rules and regulations of Amazon and the state where I opened my account. This leads me to a worst scenario and after few weeks my account was suspended. It was a failure! I was sleepless for few days but the fire in me was still alive.

I searched the internet and met Mr. Sunni Ali; He was like a light in darkness. Mr. Sunny Ali guided me at every step of Amazon journey. From a product search to a final execution he helped me and was always there to guide me. Today I am successfully working on Amazon USA, getting 10 organic orders daily with a profit margin of $5 per unit. And this is just he beginning.