A year ago, i did not have any interest in ecommerce. One of my friends called me and asked me to check out this new guy trending on Facebook, informing Pakistanis about Amazon. That guy was none other than the great “Sir Sunny Ali”.

I started to watch videos on Extreme Commerce page and equipped myself with some basic knowledge. A month later i came back to Pakistan and got to know about the seminar. There was not a single ounce of doubt in my mind that i have to attend it. That seminar marked the beginning of my journey with Extreme Commerce.

I immediately signed up for Boot Camp and started hunting for products. The EC team was so supportive in each step of the way. When i finally found a product, sir Sunny himself would ask updates on whatsapp, which shows his dedication to the students and the organisation itself.

Today i have a good product which Alhamdulliah is in the right direction. Our sales average $10k per month at a profit margin of 17.5% which we will increase to 25% in a couple of weeks. Our target is to get it up to $25k monthly. We are also all set to launch 2 more products in the same niche following sir Sunny’s advise of building a brand. A few things i love about EC is that: They never give false hope, they don’t undermine other trainers out there, and they go out of the way to help.

THANK YOU to Sunny Ali and a very committed EC Team. In Sha Allah with EC’s help Pakistanis will dominate Amazon.

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