From 2010 to 2018, I worked in oil and gas projects throughout Asia and Middle East and as far as Papua New guinea with only one goal In mind and that was to gather investment for my business, to do something In Pakistan so I get to live with my family and not the abnormal life of a non-resident Pakistani where you get to see your Kids twice a Year.

My relation with Extreme Commerce started in March 2018 when I first attended the seminar of Sunny Bhai in Islamabad and enrolled myself in Boot-Camp.

So first product launched in September 2018 and the bleeding started, Now this was the time when I had no job, I was paying $240 fixed amount each month to a person whose Amazon ID I was using. First 1000 pieces of inventory gone and I was still bleeding as this was a Hard to rank product I choose to work with. Nothing was making sense but the belief in the mentor Kept me going, I knew at the back of my mind when warren buffet says “The markets are a device to transfer Money from the Impatient to the Patient” and when Sunny Ali says I need Students with Big Gurdas, means the same thing so I kept on bleeding..

Long story Short, Me and Sunny Bhai became partners in that list, with his continuous mentorship day and night, we ranked that product and now we standing at 146 reviews and a lot of organic orders coming in daily—The idea is to flip this list at 200 reviews Insha Allah!

Earlier this year I decided to go all in and became Sunny Bhai’s Partner in two more lists and now we have 3 Lists That I run under his Supervision, we are profitable on 2 of them and soon will be profitable on the third one too..

My suggestion to the new comers is that doubt and procrastination kills the biggest of dreams, regret weighs a Ton, so do your due diligence but once your are in, hold your grounds and remember one thing “It’s the same wind that douses a Candle but Fans a Fire”.