Someone who has little or basic knowledge about online Business or about Ebay/Amazon and wish to learn how to sell online is a candidate for this conference.

Anyone who has access to stock, products or niche but reluctant and don’t know how to move on to next step. Or anyone who had an account on ebay or Amazon in past but got suspended by ebay or Amazon and now would like to get back to these platforms.

What information You’ll get:

  • How to get your Amazon account up and running and making sales successfully when you don’t even live in US or Europe.
  • What makes Amazon so different from Ebay? Understanding Amazon Catalog system vs Ebay Listings
  • What to sell? How to source? How to sell? And where to sell? These are the key points you going to learn.
  • Without traveling and without touching the physical goods, how can you get your stock reach all the way to Amazon warehouse?
  • How to leverage Amazon fulfillment network throughout North America and Europe. And how to let Amazon stock for you, Amazon sell for you and Amazon pick, pack, ship and handle returns for you. Let Amazon take care of things for you.
  • Why is Amazon concept so different from ebay? How to leverage 400 million Amazon buyers worldwide while living in your country.
  • Learn how to get your business up and get your income coming by doing nothing (setting up things on Auto pilot) Is this true to achieve an Auto pilot setup on a physical trade business? If yes, then how?

Famous Speaker

Sunny Ali
CEO Extreme Commerce LLC

Actual Topic

How to get your Amazon account up and running from Pakistan?

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Conference Starts

10:00 – 13:00

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13:00 – 14:00

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14:00 – 15:30

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15:30 – 15:45

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Sunny Ali 

CEO Extreme Commerce LLC

Sunny Ali is the founder and CEO of Extreme Commerce United States, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Pakistan. Sunny is extremely passionate when it comes to sharing his knowledge and expertise he built over the period of years and years and after investing huge amount of time, money and resources while going through a lot of ups and downs of E-Commerce business.

There was a time when he would preach people buy from Alibaba and sell it on ebay. Then there was a time he started preaching everyone to buy brands of United States and sell in Europe and there is a time now when he passionately and sincerely tell people to forget about ebay and only invest in Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) if you want to be a future millionaire. Sunny passionately shares his story and his journey of how he built this business and all the ups and downs he has gone through.

Our business is very much focused in to Amazon FBA. We source products from many countries including China. We also buy a lot of brands from US and we focus heavily in keeping our inventory with Amazon networks throughout North America and Europe. And Sunny loves to share his knowledge about how anyone from any corner of the world can have a thriving business on Amazon without stepping out of your home. And how anyone on earth can basically source products from China and stock them within Amazon’s warehouses located throughout North America and Europe without even stepping out of your territory. This is a sacred knowledge which is not easy to obtain. It’s just due to his passion that he loves to talk about this subject and that is the reason he thought of setting up this conference and let anyone gain some valuable knowledge.


  • Understanding E-Commerce Business.
  • Setting Up Amazon Account from Pakistan.
  • Understanding Individual Tax ID & Corporate Tax ID.
  • What to sell? Identify a Niche, Competition, Demand & Supply.
  • Understanding Selling on Amazon & Ebay.
  • Understanding Amazon FBA & Amazon Merchant Model.
  • What is Drop Ship?
  • Building Your Own Brand & Why?
  • How to Avoid Suspension & Policy Violations from Amazon?
  • How to Setup Multiple Accounts?
  • E-Commerce Business Ecosystem.
  • Understanding Investment & Profit Calculations.


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